Company Policy

Bulgarian Airways Group as the leading aviation company in Bulgaria and South-Eastern Europe has the following priorities:

- To establish and develop successful joint venture partnerships with top tier aviation companies in all fields of the aviation industry and to strengthen further its leading position as the most reliable and interesting aviation partner in the region. Besides being the owner of Bulgaria Air, which is the national carrier of the Republic of Bulgaria, and also the biggest consolidator on the aviation transport market – namely of Hemus Air and BulAir, Bulgarian Airways Group has already established successful joint ventures with Lufthansa Technik AG (Hamburg); Fraport AG (Frankfurt); Swissport International; The Nuance Group; Lufthansa Sky Chefs AG (Frankfurt); Alpha Catering; Amadeus IT Group.

- To be a socially responsible company towards the people it works with – we believe that our staff is the most important and valuable resource for the development of the group. Our main concern is to provide all the necessary resources and good working conditions, healthy working environment and climate in accordance with the law and with the best international practices. Particular attention is paid to the effective management of risks associated with hazards of the workplace, prevention of all kinds of accidents including work related ones, protection from diseases and other health and life-threatening factors, not only of our employees, but of all other associates who work in territories under the control of Bulgarian Airways Group. Implementation of various forms of training and continuous daily control of staff’s awareness of their responsibilities and obligations for the protection of their own safety and health at work, and the safety and health of their colleagues.

- The creation and maintenance of good psychological climate and motivation among our employees, through personal example, the encouragement of the good communication practices, relations and attitude both within teams and with external partners.

- To minimize the risks to the environment and to use the latest environmentally friendly technologies and practices. Realizing the global threats of the pollution of the nature, we aim to contribute to its preservation. Each company in the group is conscious of its responsibility to the future generations and undertakes, by way of management and control of processes to influence, to prevent and/or reduce potential adverse environmental impacts, including pollution, due to aviation and other activities. We are constantly improving the characteristics of the products and services we provide, with a view to creating such that are having the least possible harmful effects on the environment. We are striving to be informed, in order to adhere strictly to the applicable laws and other requirements relating to aspects of the environment. Through personal example and information campaigns we motivate our employees and our partners and we try to influence their behavior towards nature and environmental protection.

- Trying to accomplish our goals and following the outlined policy, we rely on our system for management of all processes, and we are committed to provide the necessary resources for its proper functioning because we perceive it as means to achieve progress in our overall development and growth in the aviation industry.