Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD

Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD is the German-Bulgarian concessionaire of the two Black Sea airports – Varna and Burgas. 60% is held by the global airport operator Fraport AG and 40% by Airport Services Bulgaria, part of the Bulgarian Airways Group. The company was awarded in 2006 with a 35 years concession for managing, developing and modernizing of the Burgas Airport and Varna Airport.

At both airports the company handles more than 3,8 million passengers and 30,000 flights for more than 70 Bulgarian and international airline companies, servicing charter and regular flights to over 150 destinations in Europe, Аsia and Africa.

In 2013, Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD inaugurated two new modern passenger terminals at Varna Airport and Burgas Airport. The construction of the two new terminals is of utmost importance for the development of the two Black Sea coast cities and the tourism industry in the region. The new facilities offer spacious areas for arriving and departing passengers, modern passenger and baggage processing systems, attractive commercial zones, as well as comfortable open spaces. The terminals, work of world renowned designers, combine contemporary style with traditional elements of Bulgarian architecture and nature, and aim to keep the holiday mood of the passengers throughout their whole stay at the airport. To date, Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD invested more than 160 mln EUR in the development and upgrading of the two airports.

The investments of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, brought several awards for the company and for Burgas and Varna Airports:

 “Investor of the Year 2013” , “Biggest investment in Tourism 2013” , “Building of the Year 2013”, in the category Urban – transport infrastructure , “Biggest investor in Tourism 2013” , “Event of the Year – Varna New Passenger Terminal Opening 2013” , “Most significant event – Varna 2012 – Rehabilitation of Varna Airport Runway”


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Varna Airport

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