"Swissport Bulgaria" AD

Swissport Bulgaria AD is a joint venture between Swissport International Ltd. and Bulgarian Airways Group. Swissport International Ltd. provides ground services for around 224 million passengers and 4.1 million tonnes of cargo a year on behalf of some 700 client-companies in the aviation sector. With its workforce of around 55,000 personnel, Swissport International Ltd. is active at 265 airports in 45 countries on five continents and generates consolidated operating revenue of CHF 3.0 billion. On the other hand, Bulgaria Airways Group is leader in the aviation sector of Bulgaria, successfully integrating aviation companies under one roof. Swissport Bulgaria AD is focused on providing ground handling services including passenger handling, lounge services, ramp handling, de-icing services and into plane fueling in cooperation with OMV on the territory of Sofia Airport EAD.  Sofia Airport EAD is the biggest airport in Bulgaria with traffic exceeding 3 million passengers per year. Swissport Bulgaria AD employees more than 250 personnel and generates revenue of over EUR 4.5 million. In order to achieve its goal, Swissport Bulgaria AD is focused on strengthening its market position through industry innovations in key areas such as service, quality and reliability.



12 Prodan Tarakchiev Str.
1592 Sofia, Bulgaria