The logistics centre, constructed for “DHL Express Bulgaria” was designed and built in accordance with the highest technological requirements and corporate standards, approved for all sites of the Deutsche Post DHL Group. The site has been implemented under a build-to-suit project and consists of a terminal with a mezzanine and three fingers on the south side with direct access to buses, an underground car park for the employees, an administrative building and adjacent areas, covering an area of 12 800 square metres.

The terminal is with an area of 3 191 square metres, being a one-storey building with a height of 10.5 metres and currently has no analogue in the country.

The high-tech and modern centre, with direct access to the apron for grounhandling services of aircraft at Sofia Airport, is equipped with the most up-to-date sorting system, with sorting capacity of 3000 shipments per hour - a circumstance allowing for significantly reducing the time for delivery of the shipments to the final recipients, for a larger turnover and for more satisfied customers.

With this project Bulgarian Airways Group is providing an opportunity for the logistics base, constructed for “DHL Express Bulgaria” to transform into one of the largest distribution hubs for courier deliveries and cargo in the region.