Mission Statement

To satisfy to the fullest extent possible the requirements and expectations of our clients and partners according to our abilities and to achieve long-lasting economic prosperity, which will ensure sustainability and stability in our development in the country and in the region. In addition to this, our main priority is to adhere strictly to the Bulgarian and European legislation and to the legislation of the countries we work in. We strive to always maintain the quality management at the highest possible level, as well as the efficiency and environmental friendliness, in accordance with the applicable departmental, national and international safety standards and proven best international aviation practices.


To strengthen our position as the leading aviation holding company in Bulgaria and South Eastern Europe and to continue being the preferred aviation partner for global aviation companies willing to invest in the region, while at the same time continue to grow internationally through the development of major aviation investment projects worldwide.


The long-term development strategy of Bulgarian Airways Group EAD is directed towards the qualitative and quantitative increase in the volume of projects in all areas of the aviation industry, development of advanced management strategies and their immediate implementation.